WTMD's July First Thursdays Concert

Last night WTMD held their July edition of their Summer Concert Series, First Thursdays.
The concerts are held on the First Thursday of every month from May through September(still two more happening in 2015) at Canton Waterfront Park and the price can't be beat(FREE!).

I was invited to get some aerial photos of the show and am working on a video.

Ryley Walker, kicked off the evening with some acoustic swagger!

Philadelphia based, Marian Hill, brought the energy up with their saxy electronic sound!

As evening turned to night, UK based Scars on 45, took the stage and closed out another beautiful Baltimore Summer Evening.

Enjoy the rest of the photos from the evening below!

One Night Later

by Will Cocks

4/27 In Baltimore

by Will Cocks

2014 Charm City Fashion Show

Thanks to Mother's for hosting the sixth annual Charm City Fashion show last night. 

Snolapse February 2014

I took a quick moment to do a time-lapse of the storm that moved through Baltimore, MD last night. Enjoy!

by Will Cocks

St. Paul and Lanvale St Fire

A fire at broke out at 1601 St. Paul St this afternoon. No injuries were reported according to @BaltimoreFire and remains under investigation.


Images of the aftermath below.

by Will Cocks

Vodka Wars 2014

Today was the first ever Vodka Wars, the latest in Mother's Grille "wars" series. 


The challenge was put out there to 11 establishments to create a beverage with Ketel one.

The winner is decided by fan votes. The full gallery has all of the drinks below, but here are the top three.

First place: Berger Cookie Stout Ice Cream Sandwich by Dempsey's Brew Pub

Second Place: Queen Bee by B&O American Brasserie

Third Place: Purple and Gold by Bistro Blanc



Baltimore was hit with it's first real taste of winter for the 2013/14 season Tuesday. After spending all day locked up indoors, a couple of friends and myself decided to venture out on foot and explore the city.

These photos were all taken on a Canon 5DMk3 with a 40mm lens.

If you enjoy these feel free to drop me a note here or on twitter at @wheelsee

You can also view the gallery here.

Can I watch 89 movies on Netflix before they expire?

So thanks to this great post on Reddit, I've learned 89 movies will expire on Netflix come January 1. So I decided to sit down and watch as many as I can and tweet about my progress as I go.

Mathematically I cant finish them all, but lets see how many I can get through.


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The Google Docs spreadsheet to where I'm keeping a log of the movies is here

Update 1: The Rundown(1 down 88 to go!)

The first movie of my 89 movie goal is complete The Rundown was 4 stars worthy for what it was, a Sean William Scott/Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson action romp through the jungle. The saving grace of this film, was Christopher Walken and a Ray Lewis refernce.

Update 2: Troll 2 (2 Down, 86 To Go)


The second movie I watched was the "infamous" Troll 2. Which according to @timbrechlin on Twitter was written and translated into English by a non-native speaker.

The movie constantly battled between an unwatchable mess and a campy classic. The dialogue was painful at times and I've seen high school drama departments put on shows with better special effects. 

Update 3: 50 First Dates (3 Down, 86 to go!)

I think these tweets just about sum it up. If 50 First Dates wasn't a Sandler movie, I think Drew Barrymore would have shined a little bit more in her role.

Update 4: Braveheart (4 down, 85 to go!)

Not much to say other than Braveheart is a phenomenal film and shame on me for not watching it sooner.

Update 5 : October Sky (5 down, 84 to go)

I didn't tweet a lot during this movie, because i was so into it. These guys fought the status quo of their sleepy post war coal mining town to do something different, by using their brain muscles instead of their coal mining muscles.


Also this is the third movie in a row with someone with a messed up eye.

GBTC - Oriole Park at Camden Yards Tech Crawl

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the Greater Baltimore Tech Council's Oriole Park Tech Crawl, where we got to go and visit the Security Center(No Photos allowed), the Field, Scoreboard Control room, and Dempsey's Pub(Learn about beer and sample a couple of their beers). 

Enjoy the sights below.